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We are Southwestern Ohio's small business incubator for green, clean, water, digital and advanced manufacturing technologies. Conveniently located between Cincinnati and Dayton in the original pioneer town of Hamilton, OH.

Access to Expertise

The City is a leader in renewable energy initiatives and being a provider of water, electric, sewer, gas, and internet fiber makes for a very innovative environment. You will be able to leverage this environment by having access to our expertise, in addition to connecting with our residential and commercial customer base.


It’s all about the “City as a Lab” concept. We have great people, great ideas, great neighborhoods, and great passion – we leverage these assets and people and provide a regional forum for these ideas to nurture and grow.

Key Partners

As part of the Cincinnati and Dayton entrepreneurial ecosystem we have established key partnerships to help your venture be successful. These partnerships will give you access to key personal, resources, and labs throughout the region.


We are a regional incubator offering ease of access to both the Cincinnati and Dayton markets. In fact, we have become the official meet-up spot for companies that have founders from Cincinnati and Dayton.

Backing of a City

We are a passionate city in the middle of a passionate region. This means that you will definitely be given feedback on your venture – good or bad. Plus, we have the expertise that will assist you in navigating through the regulatory framework whether it be City, County, or State. We recently won an award for our unique approach to a public/private partnership with the City.

Small Business Focus

We love small business and realize that it is the backbone of the economy. We have an Ohio Small Business Development Center located in our facility. All things start locally and we realize that innovation and small business is an integral part of economic development.Additionally, we are a Kauffman Certified FastTrac® Affiliate – we’ve got programming built specifically for the aspiring entrepreneur. Click here for the #startupcincy calendar.

 It’s about having an entrepreneurial attitude. It’s the people that make a community an entrepreneurial one—not the location—and it’s up to you to contribute.”

Brad Feld, Startup Communities


Become a Hamilton Mill Mentor

Our mentors are extremely valuable to the success of The Hamilton Mill and our startups – they offer honest feedback and keep our startups focused on achieving their milestones. We are seeking individuals who can assist our startups in several different areas including:

  • Renewable Energies, Clean-tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Prototype and Design Assistance
  • Sales, Marketing, Branding
  • Operations
  • Team Building
  • Strategy Development
  • Governmental Initiatives and Grant Assistance
  • Fundraising and Networking

Mentor commitments are typically in the range of 25-30 hours per six months, but can certainly fluctuate depending on the needs of our clients. In addition, we would like mentors to be regulars at Hamilton Mill events and happenings. Oh yeah – you also get VIP access to the tasting room of our new on-site microbrew when that comes online.

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Our Services

We do our best to let you focus on your best.

Advisory Services

We have mucho expertise in green, clean, water, digital and advanced manufacturing technologies. Book now.

Funding Connections

We’ll put you in touch with funding resources throughout region.

Job Board

We have connections to a lot of the local talent through the region. We’ll hook you up.

Customer Connections

You’ll have access to residential and commercial customers so you can test out your idea or concept.

Collaborative Partnerships

We have cultivated partnerships to help you be successful – we know you can’t do it alone.


Yes, you get cutting edge space and access to our wicked labs.


Our goal is to help you kick ass as fast as possible.

A: The Mill is a regional platform to connect startups with the resources they need to be successful – i.e. mentors, funding, employees, customers, etc….. The Mill spawned from Biztech and its mission and goal is to build and develop the startup community in Hamilton and the surrounding region, with a focus on clean energy solutions, including water, clean fuels and other sustainable technologies such as digital and advanced manufacturing. We are considered an incubator.
A: Biztech is now The Mill. There was a realization that Biztech did not have clear brand recognition throughout the region, so we moved forward with a brand that reflects on the history and character of Hamilton – a character that was….and still is built on making things.
A: An incubator is a program designed to assist startup companies in the growth and success of their business. This includes providing them with the resources (funding, mentorship, customers, and connectivity) and the critical feedback that they need to be successful. The length of stay can vary significantly depending on market acceptance and following through with business plan objectives.
A: An accelerator is a faster-paced program environment that takes on startups that are in similar stages of development and graduates them within 6-9 months. Funding is usually part of the package in exchange for equity.
A: We are unique in the fact that our focus is on clean technology, including water technology, clean fuels, and sustainable technologies. We are leveraging the award winning work that the City of Hamilton has undertaken in developing a green community – everything from harnessing hydroelectric power to powering a clean-fueled city fleet. It is impressive for any business to say that their business is powered by 100% renewable energy, and we are actually doing that in Hamilton. In addition, we are providing to Mill clients the opportunity to use the city as a lab. We believe in testing and proving good ideas and one way to do this is to introduce those ideas to the crowd and let them have their say – that’s how innovation works. We complement the other incubators, accelerators, business development centers throughout the region.
A: No. Come to us with a good idea and we will listen. Of course there is an application process, but we are all about harnessing and cultivating all the great ideas that are flowing throughout our region.
A: This is one facet of an effective economic development strategy. Small businesses and the startup community are a grassroots approach to developing your local economy. The days of attracting the three thousand job manufacturing facility are long behind us. We need to identify and develop our regional assets leveraging the commodities and expertise that we have in our own backyard.
A: No – there are no requirements that ensure graduated companies will stay in the region, but we will do everything within our control to entice them to stay. Can you say microbrew?
A: Fill out our application and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We appreciate your passion and we hope to give you the opportunity to make your idea a reality.
 A: There are programs that would allow you access to the great resources at The Mill without having to invest in office space. We have flexible space program called The Sandbox – call (513)737-6543 or email email us for more details.
A: We have constructed a board that offers mentorship, expertise, and representation from across the region. These are all factors that will help you be successful in your startup endeavor.  The following are board members and staff that will take you to the next level.

  • Tim Cameron – Board Chairman (Interim) – Miami University
  • Tom O’Neill – Butler Tech
  • Jody Gunderson – City of Hamilton
  • Tim Derickson – Ohio House of Representatives
  • Don Wright – Clarigent Health
  • Pat Moeller – Hamilton Mayor
  • Marni Durham – Butler Tech
  • Jon Simon – Miami University
  • Marvin Abrinica – Wunderfund
  • Dave Fehr – Butler County
  • Jack Whalen – Hamilton Community Foundation
  • Tyler Bridge – J.D. Candidate
  • Chris Lawson – Director, Hamilton Mill

We are continuously looking to build this partnership network, so if you are interested in jumping on board please email us

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