August 28, 2018 Cameron Wright

Q&A with Omniboom’s Chris Pacetti

Last week I had the honor of being able to interview Chris Pacetti of Omniboom. Chris has strong information technology professional skilled in Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, E-commerce, Enterprise Architecture, and Agile Methodologies. He serves as the Founder & CEO of Ominboom. Also, Chris was recognized by Comspark as a Rising Tech Star.

Question: What is your role with omniboom ?
My title is CEO but my role is pretty broad. My biggest role is maintaining a culture where everybody loves what their doing, they work together, and they see the vision. But I also handle Sales/Marketing as well as some QA.

Question: What made you guys join the mil?
I friend of mine told me about it so my partner, Richie Brees, and I checked it out. Richie lives close by so it was a match made in heaven.

Question: What is omniboom ?
Omniboom is an integrations company. As more and more solutions become cloud-based, companies need the ability to connect them to their on-premise solutions. That’s where we come in. We have a managed services group that works as consultants in assisting companies on integrating their systems. And we have developed an Integration Platform as-a-Service called OmniPlexus that companies can subscribe to and have the ability to create their own integrations without any technical expertise.

Question: What were your biggest obstacles with starting onmiboom?
Finding the right people that fit into your culture is probably the biggest. Next, I would say trying to manage the resources with the amount of work that has to be done.

Question : What mistakes (if any) did you make that you would change in your quest of omniboom?
None, so far, that come to mind. Everything has been a blessing.

Question: What goals do you have for omniboom for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2019?
Our goals for this year are to really get OmniPlexus in a state to compete with the Dell’s and the IBM’s of the world. That will carry on into 2019 as well.

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